What are the System Requirements?

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The Computerized Table Tutor is a Windows based software package. It works in Windows 3.1, or Windows 95. I have run it on machines as slow as as a 386 SX 25 with 4 Meg of memory - slow, but it works.

256 colors is preferred since there are a bunch of underwater photo's in the software - but it is not necessary. Also a sound card is nice since there are miscellaneous "Tada" type sounds when you get correct answers to the questions. You can opt to turn off the sound as well.

So basically, if you have a computer that can run Windows, you should be able to run the Computerized Table Tutor.

For all you Mac users, I have run the software on a Mac using Soft Windows, and it does work, but kinda slow... Try the shareware version and see how it does on your machine.

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