What Kinds of Questions are there?

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The following are sample questions taken from the Computerized Table Tutor. I have not included the answers to the questions since they would vary greatly depending on which table you used to calculate the answer. These are, however, representative of the types of questions the program generates. (I still can't get over it - over 1 million questions!)

1. On the first dive of your vacation, you do a 83 foot dive for 16 minutes. What would be your ending pressure group?

2. A 46 foot dive for 39 minutes yields what pressure group?

3. After your first dive, you are in pressure group D. What group would a 3:17 minute surface interval yield?

4. After your first dive and surface interval, you are in pressure group F. If you want to do a dive to 37 feet, how much residual nitrogen would you have in your body before making this dive?

5. You are presently in pressure group C. If you do a 52 foot dive for 35 minutes, what would be your new pressure group?

6. You surface from your first dive as a G diver. How long must you wait before doing a 57 foot dive for 38 minutes?

7. What would be the total bottom time for a diver in pressure group C who does a 41 foot dive for 38 minutes?

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