1 Million Questions? How is that possible?

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Actually there are over 1 million questions!! I didn't sit down and write a million questions... What I did was code into the software what a "legal" dive was for each of the different table formats. Then every time you click the button for a new question, the software makes one up!

After the software creates a question, it goes in and solves it and then makes up some good fake answers as well. It then arranges the correct answer with the wrong answers on multiple choice buttons. All this takes a fraction of a second.

Because of this format, any legal dive, and combinations of dives and surface intervals, are possible questions that will be generated by the Computerized Table Tutor.

I mathed it out once, and actually there are over 82 billion possible questions, but if you didn't believe 1 million, I figured you would never go for the 82 billion - but it's true!

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