9 Different Dive Table Formats

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Hey!! Guess What... We just added 4 more tables so now there are 9 tables in all. The new ones are Nitrox tables in both 32% and 36% Oxygen. Download the shareware version and get all 9 tables in one program!

All of the following tables are included in this software package - in both Metric and Imperial formats.

You may use any or all of the table formats. In fact you can toggle between different table formats at will - and also change from metric to imperial with just a click of your mouse.

Also important to note, most of the tables use a double sided format. With the Table Tutor, you simply click on the table and it will flip over revealing the second side. (This only works on the program - not the web page!)

To see a larger view of any of the formats, click on the table link of your choice.

U.S. Navy Tables

Table 1 (First Dive)

Table 2 (Surface Interval Table)

Table 3 (Repetitive Dive Table)

Old Doppler Modified Navy Tables

Table 1

Tables 2 and 3

New Doppler Line Modified Navy Tables

Table 1

Table 2

Table 3

The Most Widely Used Tables in the World

Tables 1 and 2

Table 3

Modified Navy Tables - (Backed off slightly)

All 3 Tables in One

For the New Nitrox Tables, download version 4.1!! It'll take a few minutes (it's 2 meg) but it's worth it!

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