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I started ScubaToys in June of 97 originally known as 2Dive4. I was working at another shop at the time, and was not impressed with the lack of customer service the shop had. So with customer service as the main goal - I opened up in a 1200 square foot rented space- not known yet as - still 2dive4 - but was right around the corner.

Within a year, I decided I needed to have some more room and my own pool, so I rented more space and expanded to 2500 square feet. Shortly after that, I got the name and started to change from 2Dive4 to ScubaToys. There were many forms of 2Dive4 out there... two dive four, to dive for, 2 dive four, etc - so it made ScubaToys seem like a better name - and the URL was available - so I became ScubaToys.

The concept of Scubatoys was to offer high quality service at great pricing - on line. was built, changed and rebuilt many times to try to reflect the personality of what someone who visited the retial location would experience. It hard to have a website feel like ScubaToys the retail store - but with the help of the ScubaToys web cam and other ideas, became as popular on the net as Scuba Toys the dive shop was in town.

Scuba Toys had to be expanded almost every year. ScubaToys rented space went from the 2500, to a 3500 square foot scuba toys, then a 4500 scuba toys shop. Then we decided to make the big jump and Scuba Toys moved into our own 10,000 square foot scubatoys facility - complete with 40x40 foot pool.

Just a year after moving in, Scuba Toys is already a bit small for us, and actually we are looking at larger buildings for
So whether you visit on line, or stop by the scubatoys shop in Carrollton, TX, we want to assure you the level of service that started scuba toys is still there today! Call us any time at (972) 406-2996 and one of the folks here at scuba toys will be glad to help with any of your "Scuba Toys".

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