Mares Revolution 1 Mil Suit - Wetsuits: Women - Mares

Mares Revolution 1 Mil Suit from Mares

Mares Revolution 1 Mil Suit

Next to your skin, this could be the most comfortable suit you will ever wear. Remember the one layer skin suits? Sun and sea nettle protection, but little or no warmth? Well, now with new industrial skiving techniques and utilizing our Z Heat laminate, a packable 1mm full suit with neoprene warmth and single layer flexibility is available.

A perfect product to make your day. Wear it alone, or as a layer for your cold temperature diving.

Men's Size SM-XXL Women's Size XS-LARGE A great layering component 1mm Nylon 2 exterior Z heat torso Raglan sleeve Saddle crotch Vertical back zipper Flatlock construction Full cut Men's suit color: Black/Blue/Charcoal Women's suit color: Black/Blue/Light Blue

Ideal temperature Range:
Diving 75+ degrees / Water sports 65+ degrees

Girl to undress you sold seperately.... but not here....

Mares Revolution 1 Mil Suit - Wetsuits: Women


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Mares Revolution 1 Mil Suit - Wetsuits: Women - Mares

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