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H2Odyssey Extra Air System from H2Odyssey

H2Odyssey Extra Air System

A new twist on pony bottles, and spare air is the H2O Odyssey Extra Air System. The heart of the system is a unique regulator, that is threaded to screw directly into any standard thread scuba tank... from a little 6 ft pony - up to a full 80 or higher. For years people have wanted to have a system where they could have emergency backup air - but for some, the hassle of buying a pony bottle, plus valves, a first stage, second stage, hoses, etc.. Made the whole thing too complex and cumbersome. And some, while liking the Spare Air worried that a 3 cubic foot bottle was not enough air depending on depth and the need for safety stops.

This Extra Air comes equiped with a Balanced Piston 1st stage - with threads to fit any standard bottle. It has 2 low pressure ports and 3 high pressure ports. You can buy the first stage by itself, get any pony bottle, and hook up an octo and have an instant pony system. Or get it with the integrated swivel 2nd stage which has dual silicone exhaust valves which directs bubbles away from mask and has a high grade silicone mouthpiece.

Additional accessories:
  • Yoke Filler Adapter-for filling from tank to pony bottle
  • Filling Station Adapter-for filling pony directly from a filling station
  • First stage only, with no 2nd stage-to attach with hose directly to octo.
  • 6, 13, or 19 CuFt Aluminum Cylinder.

You may also want to include a pressure gauge with your system. Depending on where you plan on locating the bottle, you might want a Cressi Sub Mini Gauge on a standard HP Hose, or you might want to go with a simple compact Pony Gauge. And of course, if you have any questions on how to set up your system, or which parts to get, simply give us a call toll free at (877) 728-2243 and we'd love to help!

H2Odyssey Extra Air System - Octos


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H2Odyssey Extra Air System - Octos - H2Odyssey

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