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Aluminum 50 Tank from Luxfer

Aluminum 50 Tank

Want something smaller than the Alum 80. For thoes of you who don't want to have to carry a big tank. The Aluminum 50 features include:
  • 3000 PSI
  • 48.4 Cubic Feet
  • 6.90" Diameter
  • 19" Length

These Aluminum 50 tanks come with a Genesis Valve - the best valve in the business. Pick your color! Tank includes the Valve and a Visual Inspection sticker.

Don't Fall for the
Shipping Upcharge Scam

A lot of people selling tanks, charge you extra in shipping and handling fees. It makes their price look better, but when you're done you paid more! We only charge actual UPS rates.

Aluminum 50 Tank - Scuba Tanks


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Aluminum 50 Tank - Scuba Tanks - Luxfer

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