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Aspic Speargun from Sporasub

Aspic Speargun

Sporasub has long been known as a leader in the Spear Fishing community. The Aspic series features all the quality that Sporasub is known for at a reasonable price. These single band guns are some of the most technologically advanced and reliable products available.
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Hydrodynamic muzzle
  • Extremely sensitive trigger with lock
  • Automatic line releaser
  • Shaft track runs entire length of barrel
  • Stainless steel 6.5mm shaft.
  • Special latex sling with stainless steel articulated wishbone.
  • Positively buoyant without shaft - neutral with shaft
  • Specially designed loading pad for comfort on hip loading or chest loading
Note: Shipping may vary due to lenght of gun - but normally charged as a weight of 30lbs.

Aspic Speargun - Spear Guns


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Aspic Speargun - Spear Guns - Sporasub

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