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Apollo Flex Snorkel from Apollo

Apollo Flex Snorkel

This snorkel is unique! Made from polyurathane, you can bend this guy up into a pretzel, then it will pop out to it's natural shape. Try that with a plastic snorkel! This means you can have a snorkel that can fit in a pocket - but still be a functional, great breathing snorkel when you pull it out! And with the quick release clip - it's a snap to install - even in the water.

That's why it was picked by Rodales as a Top Choice for divers!
  • continuous tube construction
  • ultra flexible polyurethane
  • louvered cap
  • ergonomically engineered silicone mouthpiece
  • pivoting snorkel holder
  • hinged quick release fastener provides
  • easy attachment and detachment from mask
  • integrated stops prevent excess movement
  • top-fixed exhaust valve for effortless clearing
  • stowed length: 7"

    Apollo Flex Snorkel - Snorkels


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  • Apollo Flex Snorkel - Snorkels - Apollo

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