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Dry Snorkeling Pack - M from ScubaToys

Dry Snorkeling Pack - M

And plus we toss in a mesh bag!
A Soft Mask Strap!
And a bottle of SeaDrops!

Perfect for the snorkeler or diver who wants to be in the water and not drink it. For this kit we have coupled the incredible Genesis Mojave Dry Snorkel and the Panoramic Genesis PanView Mask together.

The Mojave Dry Snorkel uses a one-way purge valve at the bottom to clear out water... but you will probably never be able to use it! That's because of the incredible one way valve at the top resists all types of water entry. Waves, white-wash, splashes and even when totally submerged, water clearing is never required.

The Panoramic Purge mask uses a patented side window for wide angle, unobstructed vision. An exquisite blend of traditional styling and modern function. Add to this the nose purge valve, and this mask is easy to keep dry - simple exhale through your nose and any water - even that annoying little bit that wants to creep up your nose, is instantly gone.

And to help you get through the water, a pair of Snorkeling Reef Full Foot Fins in your choice of sizes. The soft foot pocket coupled with the sturdy blade make these comfortable as well as efficient.

Note: For fin sizing, if you are going to wear these fins bare foot, without a neoprene sock, it is best to go down 1 full size for men, or 2 full sizes for women. For example, a male size 9 will want the 8-9 size, but with a size 8 foot, drop down to the 6-7. For a womens size 6 drop 2 sizes to a 4 and choose the 3-4.

Feel free to call if you have any questions concerning getting the proper size for you.

Dry Snorkeling Pack - M - Snorkeling Equipment

Fin Size

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Dry Snorkeling Pack - M - Snorkeling Equipment - ScubaToys