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Viper Metal Regulator from Dacor

Viper Metal Regulator

The DFC system (Dynamic Flow Control) Balanced diaphragm operating system provides uniform breathing at any depth, while maintaining a constant intermediate pressure. Such a system allows the regulator to be used from both the right or left side with the 1st stage mounted on the tank. The pivoting connector makes the regulator more comfortable by following head movements and minimizes jaw fatigue.

Second Stage Thermal exchange metal foils are inserted in the 2nd stage body to act as heat conductors which prevents regulator freeze-up and a new patented system allows breathing to be more comfortable has been made possible throught countless tests and research.

  • V.A.D. (Voltrex Assisted Design)
  • T.E.C. (Trim Efficiency Control)
  • Mesh grid Top cover design
  • Teflon covered lever
  • Exhaust valve easy to replace
  • Certified to EC Mark UNI-EN 250.

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    Viper Metal Regulator - Regulators

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  • Viper Metal Regulator - Regulators - Dacor

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