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Viper America Regulators from Dacor

Viper America Regulators

Viper America not only has the sleek side exhaust look of the Viper, but it's performance is top notch.

First stage
  • DFC (patented)
  • First stage has 6 ports; 4 low-pressure and 2 high-pressure
  • Comfort grip knob on first stage yoke
  • Balanced diaphragm designed for consistent performance at depth.
Second Stage
  • TEC Trim Efficiency Control is a control system that increases the air flow to the diver, as needed, for natural breathability. This is done by regulating air flow and volume by an dir directional trim lever in teh mouthpiece. The trim lever also optimizes the exhalation cycle by reducing resistance.
  • Bypass System with built in high flow air control tube molded into the second stage housing lightweight compact streamlined design
  • Certified to the EC Mark, Reference standard UNI-EN 250.

Viper America Regulators - Regulators

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Viper America Regulators - Regulators - Dacor

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