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 V16 Proton from Mares

V16 Proton

V16 First Stage
The latest version of the balanced diaphragm regulator. It utilizes a new Titan Spherical Core seal valve. The poppet controls the air flow by a hemispherical valve, made of titanium. This makes it long lasting and cannot be etched by oils or grease.. Two HP and 4 LP ports make for easy hose layout.

More than good looking, the shock and scratch-resistant black coating is unique and makes this the perfect companion for hundreds of dives.

Proton Second Stage
Light weight, ruggedness, high performance and simple construction. These are the distinguishing features of this band new and ultra-compact second stage. Two component body for a unique look coupled with superior mechanical characteristics.

Integrated VAD by-pass system, for effortless, natural breathing under all conditions. Coverplate with ultra-light alloy ring, anodized and incorporation the "mesh-grid" system for maximum performance.

V16 Proton - Regulators

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V16 Proton - Regulators - Mares

Or follow this link for a complete line of Scuba Equipment
Or follow this link for a complete line of Scuba Equipment
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