Tusa RS-230 Regulator - Regulators - Tusa

Tusa RS-230 Regulator from Tusa

Tusa RS-230 Regulator

This reg features a balanced diaphragm first stage for stable intermediate pressure in response to changes in the residual tank pressure and depth. The second stage features an "Easy Touch" adjustment of the second stage which clicks into settings making it easy to adjust for effortless breathing.

The purge button features two types of materials to reduce the possibility of the purge being pressed in strong currents, yet is instant to the touch and is surrounded by a stainless steel frame to ward off shock and protect the demand lever and other essential parts.

Protect your investment with a Gator Reg Bag.

Tusa RS-230 Regulator - Regulators

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Tusa RS-230 Regulator - Regulators - Tusa

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