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TUSA RS-130 Regulator from Tusa

TUSA RS-130 Regulator

This regulator second stage main unit is smaller and lighter to reduce water resistance during diving and has an adjustment knob to fine tune the second stage breathing flow. The body materials are super tough nylon reinforced with glass fiber for outstanding hardness and shock resistance. This provides superior tensile strength, dimensional stability, heat, weather, and chemical resistance.

Smoother and more natural valve opening is accomplished by TUSA's own unique fluoroplating which significantly reduces rubbing resistance. Couple this with the enlarged exhaust valve made from more flexible valve and you have an extremely easy breathing regulator at an affordable price.

Protect your investment with a Gator Reg Bag.

TUSA RS-130 Regulator - Regulators

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TUSA RS-130 Regulator - Regulators - Tusa

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