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Sherwood Maximus Regulator from Sherwood

Sherwood Maximus Regulator

This is the Brand New Version! Don't mistake it for last years model!

New redisigned - better cosmetics, new exhaust - and comes with 2 exhaust ports. Choose from compact - to ultra wide bubble reduction. The evolution of one of the truely great regs for years - and the only reg that comes standard with the under arm swivel design.

The Maximus is an extremely comfortable and compact regulator that offers great performance. It's small hydrodynamic shape reduces water drag and jaw fatigue. The underarm hose and dual adjustments maximize your comfort. An excellent regulator for all diving environments.

Patented primary air sensing channel system boosts breathing efficiency at high flow, letting you breathe comfortably under high-demand conditions.

Two primary flow ports increase flexibility for easier breathing.

Five low-pressure ports allow multiple set-ups for regulator connections and additional devices.

High flow swivel improves air flow. Comfortable underarm hose reduces underwater profile and minimizes the possibility of snagging.

Heat transfer system retains warmth and helps prevent freeze-up.

Our patented adjustable moisture-retention fins allow you to direct the air flow and optimize breathing characteristics to match diving conditions.

Adjustable orifice allows you to adjust the cracking resistance and fine-tune the effort required to initiate air flow.

FREE!!And to Protect your investment we're going to toss in a free reg bag!

Sherwood Maximus Regulator - Regulators


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Sherwood Maximus Regulator - Regulators - Sherwood

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