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Scuba Diving Regulators, Underwater Regulators, Regulator Accessories Scuba Diving Regulators are an important part of your scuba equipment. All scuba diving regulators will keep you breathing underwater, you choose how easily. There are piston scuba diving regulators, diaphram scuba diving regulators, and pneumatically balanced scuba diving regulators. All metal first stages or lightweight titanium. Looking for a scuba diving regulator that will outperform any other in cold water? Try our Mares Proton Ice. If you travel to all the warm water spots try this Dacor Eagle scuba diving regulator at a great price.

Of course there are a lot of other scuba diving regulators to choose from including technical scuba diving regulators, and top of the line Titanium scuba diving Mares TI Planet regulators at a price you have to see to believe.

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