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Tusa RS-240 regulator from Tusa

Tusa RS-240 regulator

TUSA engineers used sophisticated measuring equipment to determine the ideal air resistance level. The goal was a light structure that achieved natural breathing with no excessive air intake. By using painstaking analysis of the working structure of the regulator, this goal was achieved. The RS-240 combines a balanced diaphragm first stage with a lightweight second stage to give the diver a regulator that delivers maximum breathing comfort for an enjoyable diving experience.

Swivel Joint - The RS-240 is equipped with a swivel joint between the second stage and L.P. hose to minimize the pulling feeling that is usually associated with conventional regulators.

New Mouthpiece - The RS-240 mouthpiece, developed on the basis of ergonomic engineering, enhances the comfort of every dive.

This regulator breathes as well as, if not better than, it's much higher priced competitors. We know, because we did the test!

Protect your investment with a Gator Reg Bag.

Tusa RS-240 regulator - Regulators

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Tusa RS-240 regulator - Regulators - Tusa

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