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Mares Proton Ice Regulator from Mares

Mares Proton Ice Regulator

The world benchmark for underwater breathing.
Official CE-EN250 and US. NAVY certifications as well as accreditation by the ISO 9002 quality system, further confirm the Mares commitment to excellence.

All metal technology : Proton Ice
'All metal’ construction for the second stage as well as the first. The body is made of a special high-strength chrome and nickel-plated brass that is resistant to corrosion. Metal second stages offer superior performance during cold water dives, by virtue of their high thermal conductivity. This not only makes it possible to utilize the heat of the air exhaled by the diver, but also, more importantly, keeps the temperature inside the second stage very close to ambient temperature (i.e. several degrees above freezing point).

Ultralight two-component technopolymer technology (patented)
The ruggedness and light weight of the most advanced technopolymers, coupled with the wear resistance and "soft-touch" of next-generation elastomers, offer superior performance and innovative styling.

Protect your investment with a Stahlsac Roatan Reg Bag.

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Mares Proton Ice Regulator - Regulators


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Mares Proton Ice Regulator - Regulators - Mares

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