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Poseidon Odin / Jetstream from Poseidon

Poseidon Odin / Jetstream

Poseidon's Jetstream offers incredibly easy breathing at all depths and guarantees you air however you are breathing. The first stage has two high-pressure ports (one each way) and four low-pressure ports. The regulator can be served from both left and right, whatever its position in the water.

The Jetstream, as all Poseidon regulators, comes Nitrox ready. It comes with a DIN valve attachment. If you want to use it on a standard valve, you can get a DIN adapter. Also included is a Poseidon Regulator Bag.

With all these features and extras, you'll see why it is the choice for technical divers, or recreational divers who demand the absolute best for their regulator. And you can also order a 7 foot hose for your technical needs.

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Poseidon Odin / Jetstream - Regulators


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Poseidon Odin / Jetstream - Regulators - Poseidon

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