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MR12 Epos from Mares

MR12 Epos

Combine the attractive Epos 2nd stage with the tried and tested MR12 1st stage and you end up with a regulator that is as reliable as it is economical. Its predecessor, the MR 12 Akros, was a Tester's Choice in Rodale's for 2000. The newly designed MR12 1st stage is sleeker and features a newly styled yoke, dust cap, and soft grip knob. The MR12 Epos will suit many tough diving conditions and is perfect for the recreational diver who wants a dependable regulator - Unbeatable performance at a great price!

MR12 1st Stage
  • Dynamic Flow Control (DFC)
  • Balanced Diaphragm design
  • 5 Low pressure ports
  • 1 High pressure port
  • Flow rate 4,000 l/min
Epos 2nd Stage
  • Technopolymer body
  • Metal inserts
  • Vortex Assisted Design (VAD)
  • Pivoting Deflector
  • Super Flow " Hose
  • Flow rate 2,400 l/min

MR12 Epos - Regulators

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MR12 Epos - Regulators - Mares

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