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Dacor Classic Regulator from Dacor

Dacor Classic Regulator

Remember the good ole' pacer 960 regulator? It was a great breathing workhorse of a reg. Dacor has brought back the feel of this classic reg with the Classic! All metal second stage helps retain moisture to ease dry-mouth, and is sturdy as all get out!

Whether you want an all metal reg for the retro feel - or the quality of the all metal - this is a great choice!

The first stage has 2 HP Ports and 4 LP Ports and combines new Viper technology and Classic 960 reliability.

  • Maintenance made easy by design.
  • Lightweight nickel and chrome plated top cover.
  • Withstands heavy use.
  • Patented anti-freeflow device.
  • Solid brass second stage, nickel and chrome-plated.
  • Two large exhaust valves for easy exhalation.

    Dacor Classic Regulator - Regulators

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  • Dacor Classic Regulator - Regulators - Dacor

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