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Aeris Atmos Sport Regulator from Aeris

Aeris Atmos Sport Regulator

Larry: I could drone on with all the normal hype about the great breathing, smooth crack, delivers enough air to inflate a blimp, blah, blah, blah... But instead... Let me tell you the truth.

Most regulators are made somewhere overseas... This guy... in the Good old' USA. In fact to introduce me to this regulator, the guys from Aeris invited me out to their factory in Oakland, California and let me walk the entire plant. I met the guy who designs their stuff - looked at some projects he was working up on his 3-D cad program. I saw the in-house multiple person hyperbaric chamber where they can test regs at any depth. I met the guys running the machines that were churning out the individual parts - and watched the inspectors checking each part of each reg - and then take each one after assembly and test it on a test bench that any techie would go crazy over. I shot the breeze with the guys who head out to the ocean and test and re-test in real diving conditions.... all in all, it was very impressive.

But then they grabbed a reg off the shelf - not one they spent the last 7 weeks tuning and tweaking to go to some magazine that will write a review based on your yearly advertising budget... this was just a random reg sitting in their shipping department - and they told me to go dive it.

With the 1st stage swivel, the hose oriented perfectly - no matter which BC I was wearing - the venturi adjustment - easy to use - the purge on front has a great feel - and this guy breaths! In all honesty - for this price range, I've never dove a reg I like better - you owe it to yourself to dive an Atmos Regulator and see for youself.

Protect your investment with a Gator Reg Bag.

Aeris Atmos Sport Regulator - Regulators

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Aeris Atmos Sport Regulator - Regulators - Aeris

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