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Aeris Atmos Pro Regulator from Aeris

Aeris Atmos Pro Regulator

This pneumatically balanced, adjustable second stage is sure to provide you the highest performance for many years. The pneumatically balanced second stage provides the lowest possible inhalation effort. The second stage adjustment allows you to adjust your breathing effort, fine-tuning the regulator to your desired setting throughout your dive.

The venturi assist deflector vane directs airflow from the valve directly to the mouthpiece producing a smooth "venturi assisted" inhalation. Turning the venturi assist down, to a pre-dive position, prevents regulator free-flow while on the surface.

The first stage on this reg is a balanced diaphragm for dependable performance - but what sets it apart from other balanced diaphragm designs, is that it has a swivel attached to the regulator hose to help knock out the hose pull and resulting jaw fatigue.

Key features:
Pneumatically balanced
Diver-adjustable inhalation effort
Adjustable Venturi switch
Nitrox compatible to 40%
1st Stage Swivel

Protect your investment with a Gator Reg Bag.

Aeris Atmos Pro Regulator - Regulators

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Aeris Atmos Pro Regulator - Regulators - Aeris

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