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Personal Scuba Gear Packages Be Careful about buying Personal Scuba Gear Package on the net! Keep in mind that quality is the most important part of your Personal Scuba Gear Package - and all our Personal Scuba Gear Package are made up of top name brands like Tusa, Mares, Aeris, Genesis, etc. If you buy some "Compost Scuba" or "Sea Soggy" brand... where in the world would you get this scuba gear worked on?! We could throw some cheapie names together - but we'd rather supply top name brand Personal Scuba Gear Package - at a great price! And of course - all our packages are assembled and tested before we ship to you! There is something here for everyone.

You can get into a full set of Personal Scuba Gear Package for less than 200 bucks with our X-Pert Zoom Personal Scuba Gear Package. Or you can get the top of the line stuff with our Pro Pack Personal Scuba Gear Package set up. Still for under 300 bucks. It gets even better...don't see the Personal Scuba Gear Package you want? We'll build one just for you. Call Toll Free (877) 728-2243.

We have packages of scuba regulator gear with the Bad Ass Regulator Setup or even the "whole shebang" package like the Mares/Dacor Morphos package.

Or follow this link for a complete line of Scuba Equipment

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