Womens Xtremelle Eagle/Proton Package - Packages: BC and Reg - Dacor

Womens Xtremelle Eagle/Proton Package from Dacor

Womens Xtremelle Eagle/Proton Package

Here is an incredible Women's package. First we'll take the Xtremelle AT BCD which is both weight integrated, and has the Dacor Air Trim System. Then for a regulator, we include the Dacor Eagle Regulator, or if you want to step up to the Aeris Atmos Sport Regulator, which with the 1st stage swivel, the hose oriented perfectly-no matter whicyh BC you wear-the venturi adjustment-easy to use-the purge on front has a great feel-and it breaths easily for just an additional $75.00. Step it up yet another notch with the Aeris Atmos Pro. For compact and ease of use, we have the Aeris Gyro Octo in this package as well.

The only thing left is some gauges for you... and here you have some choices. The Cressi Sub Mini Gauges make a nice compact package and are available in a 2 gauge with Pressure and Depth, or 3 Gauge with a compass added. Or maybe you want a nitrox computer on your console. Then we'll attach the Archimede Console for ease of use, and a super large display on a small package.

Of course, as with any of our packages, if you want to make some substitutions, just give us a call and we'll help you put together whatever you want... But it's hard to believe you would want something different than this!

And just to top things off - we're going to give you a FREE Dacor Backpack Bag!

Womens Xtremelle Eagle/Proton Package - Packages: BC and Reg

BC Size

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Womens Xtremelle Eagle/Proton Package - Packages: BC and Reg - Dacor

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