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Dacor Hub

Let me be honest with you... When the HUB system first came out... I was not a fan. But that was because, although the idea was neat... the price was stupid!. Now that it's been out a while, we've been able to work a deal with Dacor to get you this integrated system - at a great price!

H.U.B., Human Underwater Breathing System. Your regulators, instruments and BC control right at your fingertips. Imagine the convenience and simplicity of donning dive gear in one easy motion. The H.U.B.'s breakthrough design is a totally self-contained diving system that sets the new standard for recreational scuba systems.

Featuring the Dacor Adjustable Fury regulator, a Viper Octo, Plus the HUB BCD has the patented Air Trim system for finger tip buoyancy control. All the components fit neatly into their own pockets to give you a streamline efficient attitude in the water. Due to the Stainless Steel manifold that runs internal in the unit, you have no hoses exposed, and the weight of the manifold makes the unit 8lbs negative so most divers wear it with no weight belt! When you get out from your dive, simply fold it back on itself and use the backplate mounted carrying handle to walk away!

We are including a dual Aeris Gauge with this unit, giving you depth, including a max depth indicator, pressure, and there is even a thermometer built onto the pressure gauge. Of course you can upgrade to a better console with a compass, or the Aeris Air or Nitrox console if you wish! If you would like some other configuration - just call!

Dacor Hub - BCDS: Men


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Dacor Hub - BCDS: Men - Dacor

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