Sea Cure Mouthpiece - Accessories: Save A Dive - SeaCure

Sea Cure Mouthpiece from SeaCure

Sea Cure Mouthpiece

The Seacure mouthpiece is the Only mouthpiece GUARANTEED to fit you... Perfectly!

You boil and bite this so the mouthpiece fits your mouth. A perfect fit!

Get the one that fits your regulator.

Regs that use Type I have a standard lip 1-1/4" x 3/4" and include: Apollo, Aqua Lung Metal Regs, Atomic, Beuchat VX10 BXT8 BXT VX4, Bridgestone, Coral, Cressisub, Dacor (after 1992, Dive Buddy (D.B.), IDI, NDS, Nemrod, Parkway, Pro Sub (Aavalon) Saeko-Line, SAS, Scuba Pro, Seac, Sherwood (Most Early Models), Tabata/TUSA.

Regs that use Type II have a standard lip 1-7/16" x 7/8" and include: Apex, Chiaro, Dacor Viper, Dive Rite, Forte, Halcyon Rebreather, Mares - Newer, Ocean Reef, Ocean Edge, Oceanic, Seaquest, Sherwood (Maximus/Oasis after 92 Blizzard), Sporasub, Teckna, Zeagle.

Regs that use Type III include: Aqua Lung Plastic Regs, Genesis, Sea Mech, Seaquest (new).

Sea Cure Mouthpiece - Accessories: Save A Dive


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Sea Cure Mouthpiece - Accessories: Save A Dive - SeaCure

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