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Sea Sickness Relief Band from ScubaToys

Sea Sickness Relief Band

The ReliefBand® Device is the only drug-free remedy to have received FDA clearance for treatment of nausea and vomiting due to Pregnancy, Chemotherapy, Motion Sickness, and as an adjunct to antiemetics for Post-Operative Nausea. ReliefBand® Device is a Class II Medical Device.

Worn like a sports watch, only on the underside of the wrist, the ReliefBand® Device emits gentle electrical signals which interfere with nerves that cause nausea. The ReliefBand® Device is drug free, easy to use, and features five settings to assure the correct amount of stimulation.

Comfortable water resistant leather strap and user changable batteries, this has proven to be the best solution for those divers who don't do too well on dive boats! No Scuba Related side effects unlike other nausea solutions.

Sea Sickness Relief Band - Accessories: Miscellaneous

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Sea Sickness Relief Band - Accessories: Miscellaneous - ScubaToys

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