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Zeagle Brigade BCD from Zeagle

Zeagle Brigade BCD

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This is a very special BC... I have been diving Zeagle BC's for years now, and actually own both a Ranger and an Escape. But then again... I own a dive shop. I prefer the Ranger for most diving as I really like the heavy duty chest straps, and the metal D rings. My favorite was really the ranger of a few years ago - which I still dive, as they used to have a real nice roll down pocket on the right hand side. The problem I ran into, is the darn bladder was pretty bulky for traveling... darn thing barely fit in my dive bag - So I also scammed a Zeagle Escape off our walls. I loved the fact the bladder was lighter, and it packed up smaller - but I missed my Heavy Duty harness and Metal D rings... and of course that roll down pocket.

Solution! Mix the two together in a blender and see what comes out!! I pulled the Bladder off the Escape, and put it onto my old Ranger - and Presto!! I had the perfect BC! In fact, I loved it so much, and people diving with me who saw it or tried it thought it was the greatest thing they've seen..

So I called up Zeagle, and told them what I wanted - and they have custom made these BC's just for us. Named the Brigade... It carries a lifetime Zeagle Warranty from the manufacturer, and includes all these features:
  • 35 lb Compact Bladder with Bungies
  • Rear Non-dump Trim Pockets
  • 6 Stainless Steel D-Rings
  • Heavy Duty 1040 harness construction
  • Roll Down utility pocket (not available on size X-Small)
  • Inflator with pull dump
  • Lower dump valve for inverted diving
  • Adjustable Chest Strap
  • Rip Cord integrated Weight System
  • Adjustable Cummerbund

    Brigade BC Sizing

    Waist Size
    XS 23”- 31”
    SM 28”- 35”
    MD 33”- 41”
    LG 37”- 45”
    XL 42”- 50”


    Shoulder to Waist
    XS 11”- 15”
    SM 14”- 18”
    MD 18”- 22”
    LG 22”- 26”
    XL 26”- 29”

    Zeagle Brigade BCD - BCDS: Men


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Zeagle Brigade BCD - BCDS: Men - Zeagle

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