Tusa Imprex Pro BCJ-5900 - BCDS: Men - Tusa

Tusa Imprex Pro BCJ-5900 from Tusa

Tusa Imprex Pro BCJ-5900

Three-dimensional back buoyancy type bladder for greatest buoyancy with compact size. Other features include:

  • Lumbar support system to reduce back fatigue.
  • Bungee cord to even the air pressure in the bladder.
  • Independent Harness System for ultimate tank stability and unsurpassed buoyancy control.
  • Quick release integrated weight system (2 additional rear weight pockets).
  • A large, concealed and detachable Ninja pocket for added convenience.
  • Heavy duty 1000 denier Nylon shell for superior strength and durability.
  • 6 stainless steel D-rings for accessory attachment.

    Tusa Imprex Pro BCJ-5900 - BCDS: Men


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Tusa Imprex Pro BCJ-5900 - BCDS: Men - Tusa

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