Dacor Talon AT Mens BC - BCDS: Men - Dacor

Dacor Talon AT Mens BC from Dacor

Dacor Talon AT Mens BC

This version of the Talon jacket, with AirTrim pneumatic inflator (patented), is unique and constitutes a development of the traditional inflator vests. The AirTrim inflator guarantees greater comfort and safety for the diver.
  • The new, ergonomic backpack is overprinted with a special material that ensures softness and a snug fit during diving.
  • The exterior of the inflatable bag is made from a special material called Duroskin, a product of Cordura which guarantees unbeatable resistance against abrasion, combined with an unprecedented lightness.
  • The integrated ballast system has a new characteristic called Quick Lock, a quick-release buckle that secures the integrated weights in even the most extreme diving conditions.
  • Also equipped with a fixed rear weights system (Trim Weights) for improved ballast.
  • The large, expandable pockets with YKK zips are manufactured in highly abrasion-resistant fabrics.
  • AirTrim (patented) Hydrostatic balance device with pneumatic control. The system includes inflation/deflation buttons and two pneumatic valves. The exhaust valves are connected to the control assembly by an internal pneumatic circuit. Buoyancy control is quick and precise. It is activated by applying pressure on the inflation/deflation buttons. The position of the unit is fixed and ergonomic, to ease the use, and reduces the problems related to a classic inflator/deflator control position. Pneumatic control allows immediate response to buoyancy. Total exhaust under any position Dumping air is extremely easy, thanks to its position of the exhaust valves on the jacket.

Dacor Talon AT Mens BC - BCDS: Men


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Dacor Talon AT Mens BC - BCDS: Men - Dacor

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