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Platina Evolution BCD from Tusa

Platina Evolution BCD

The BCJ-3800 is a BC Jacket designed to create absolute tank stability. In addition to the Ultimate Stabilizing Harness which prevents the tank moving around thanks to the dual rails, it also employs and Independent harness System.

The Tanks Suspension System has been improved to allow the diver to adjust the tank to the preferred tension after putting it on. This level of stability was impossible with previous BC Jacket. Also, in addition to TUSA's own O.P.E.V. system, two dump valves has been added to allow a rapid pressure exhaust in any position. The weight system with its quick-release function, provides comfort and outstanding weight balance.

Platina Evolution BCD - BCDs-Vest BCDs


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Platina Evolution BCD - BCDs-Vest BCDs - Tusa

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