Titanium Dive Knife - Knives - Ocean Master

Titanium Dive Knife from Ocean Master

Titanium Dive Knife

Top quality titanium knife from Ocean Master comes in either a blunt tip, or pointed tip. Never rusts and uses a double locking sheath so you won't lose this one!
  • 100% Titanium Blade
  • Blunt or Sharp Tip
  • Serrated Edge
  • Overall Length just under 10 inches
  • 4 3/4 inch Blade
  • Tank Banger Handle
  • Quick Release Double Locking Sheath
  • Leg Straps
Larry was diving at a local lake last summer and found one of these underwater. Since it is titanium and never rusts.. he couldn't tell if it had been there for 20 minutes, or 6 months! Upon surfacing near the shore where all the divers were haning out he shouted "Anyone loose a knife?" One guy responded, "Yes, I did!"

"Great!" he shouted.. "Do you want to sell the sheath?"

Titanium Dive Knife - Knives


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Titanium Dive Knife - Knives - Ocean Master

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