Tusa FK-230 Dive Knife - Knives - Tusa

Tusa FK-230 Dive Knife from Tusa

Tusa FK-230 Dive Knife

THE FIRST STAINLESS STEEL DIVE KNIFE GUARANTEED NOT TO RUST - The H-1 Hyper Stainless Steel dive knife (model FK-230) is the first in the industry to offer the sharpness and balance of a stainless steel knife with the rust-free properties of titanium. Other features include:

  • Compressed high density H-1 stainless steel for a superior cutting edge of a superior rust resistance.
  • Disassembling capability for easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • Includes a serrated edge plus a line cutter.
  • Sheath lock button holds knife securely in place, then releases at a touch.
  • Easy-to-adjust buckle and strap allow for a comfortable fit.
  • Efficient 5 3/8" length blade.
  • 10 1/2" overall length.

Only comes in gold.

Tusa FK-230 Dive Knife - Knives

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Tusa FK-230 Dive Knife - Knives - Tusa

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