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Apollo Full Foot Bio Fins from Apollo

Apollo Full Foot Bio Fins

The Bio-Fins were the first, and best split fin on the market. But many divers wanted a Full Foot fin... so now Apollo has the Bio-Fins in a full foot version as well!

Speed, comfort, and maneuverability; you can have it all. Extensive field testing has shown that each participant was able to reach and sustain higher speeds when using the bio-fin than they could achieve with conventional paddle type fins.

Divers state that when swimming with underwater speedometers or on timed runs along a measured underwater course in full scuba gear, the fins are so efficient that they can swim easily at a relaxed pace without any fatigue or strain.

Improved cruise speeds combined with reduced effort and decreased air consumption greatly increase the distances that can be covered in a dive.

Every level of diver , from the student to the most advanced technical diver, will benefit from using the bio-fin.

Apollo Full Foot Bio Fins - Fins


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Apollo Full Foot Bio Fins - Fins - Apollo

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