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Apollo Bio Fins from Apollo

Apollo Bio Fins

The Apollo Bio-Fin is the only fin to rate a perfect score from Rodale Magazine... And for good reason - They are great!

Working like a propeller instead of a paddle, they give you more speed, power, and control than conventional fins with a fraction of the energy.
  • Faster Stronger Swimming

  • Because the bio-fin moves water backward rather than up and down, large stiff kicks are no longer needed. A small flutter kick produces amazing power and rapid acceleration.

  • Reduce Muscle Fatigue

  • Energy use and muscle fatigue are reduced by up to 50%. Effort is so low divers feel that they are almost barefoot.

  • Increased bottom times

  • Because less effort is required, breathing and pulse rates are reduced significantly resulting in a reduction of up to 25% in air consumption.

  • Reduce silt up

  • The new Bio-fin generates minimal water turbulance in comparison with conventional fins. This means safer diving in environments prone to silt out.
For mens sizes, depending on whether or not you use hard or soft soled booties (go slightly larger for hard soles) use XSmall for size 4,5, Small for 6, 7, Medium for 8 or 9, Large for 10 or 11 and Large-Large for 11 and up.

Apollo Bio Fins - Fins


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Apollo Bio Fins - Fins - Apollo

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