Aeris Velocity Fins (Strap Heel) - Fins - Aeris

Aeris Velocity Fins (Strap Heel) from Aeris

Aeris Velocity Fins (Strap Heel)

Following extensive research and product development, we are proud to introduce the Velocity fin, designed with unique Power Enhancing Vents (PEVís). The PEVís do just that . . . enhance the power of the fin.

Hereís how:
During the fin stroke, water flow is directed through the PEVís. This helps reduce the stress on the divers leg while accelerating water over the blade; resulting in increased velocity. Water movement through the PEVís reduce lateral movement of the fin (wasted energy), increasing the efficiency of the kick.

Go try a pair for yourself and find out what we mean by ...designed for velocity...

Joe & Larry's Opinion: Very Nice! I won't trade my splits.. but the slots mimic the action pretty well, and if you don't want the flexibility - and cost of the split fins.. you'll love these!

Aeris Velocity Fins (Strap Heel) - Fins


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Aeris Velocity Fins (Strap Heel) - Fins - Aeris

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