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Pelican Nemo 8 Cell Light from Pelican

Pelican Nemo 8 Cell Light

Nemo 8C presents a fashionable and futuristic design and is equipped with such a great Xenon lamp that converts it in the most powerful flashlight from Pelican™ Products. It is made of ABS polymer body with black thermoplastic over molded accents, that is very pleasant to use and handle. Nemo is submersible to 500 feet (150 meters) and has a polycarbonate lens and an exterior electronic switch totally waterproof, which makes it perfect for the diving adventure. It uses 8C batteries(not included) inserted in a battery tray for safety. Nemo 8C is available in Metallic Pewter Gray, Goldenrod, Bahia Blue and Onyx.
Unconditionally Guaranteed... forever.

SUBMERSIBLE to 492 feet (150 meters) / CANDLE POWER 100,000 cp / LUMENS 276 / WEIGHT W/BATTERIES 2.5 lbs (1,140 gr) (Batteries not included) / BATTERIES 8 Alkaline 'C' Cells / AMPS 1.17 / VOLTS 12 / WATTS 14.04 / LAMP LIFE 30 Hours Continuous voltage test / BATTERY BURN TIME 3.5 Hours @ 50° F (10° C)

Pelican Nemo 8 Cell Light - Lights


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Pelican Nemo 8 Cell Light - Lights - Pelican

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