Dive Gear Site Map

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Scuba Gear BC and Regulator Packages

Dacor Eagle with Aeris Atmos BC and Gauges, and Octo
Dacor HUB
Womens Xtremelle Eagle/Proton Package
GS 2000 and React Package
Kickin Aeris & Zeagle Package (Brigade - Ranger/Escape Hybrid)
Mares/Dacor Morphos Pack
Platina BCD Atlas Reg Package
Sport Pack
YOU CHOOSE IT - BC and Regulator Package
Womens Zeagle Zena & Mares Proton Package

Scuba Regulators

Dacor Classic Regulator
Dacor Eagle Sport Regulator
Dacor First Stage Regulator
Din Adapter
Genesis Atlas Regulator
Genesis GS2000 Regulator
Mares Axis Regulator
Mares MR12 Epos Regulator
Mares MR12 Rebel Regulator
Mares R2 Axis Regulator
Mares TI Planet Regulator
MR12 Orbiter Regulator
MR12 Proton Regulator
Sherwood Oasis Regulator
TR 400 Regulator Regulator
TUSA RS130 Regulator
Tusa RS230 Regulator
Tusa RS240 Regulator
Dacor Eagle Pro Regulator
Sherwood Maximus Regulator
Apollo EX 2000 Regulator
Mares V16 Proton Regulator
Mares Abyss MR22 Regulator
Beuchat VX10 Regulator
Dacor Viper America Regulator
Dacor Viper Gold Regulator
Dacor Viper Metal Regulator
Mares Proton Ice Regulator
Mares Ruby Regulator
Genesis OZ Regulator
Aeris Atmos Sport Regulator
Zeagle Envoy Regulator
Dacor Eagle Regulator
Dacor Eagle DPD Regulator
Aeris Atmos Pro Regulator
Poseidon Odin/Jetstream Regulator
Poseidon Xstream Regulator
Poseidon Xstream Deco Regulator
Poseidon Xstream Duration Regulator
Zeagle Envoy Deluxe Regulator
Mares R2 Axis Pro Regulator
Zeagle ZX Flathead Regulator
Zeagle ZX 50D Regulator
Zeagle XP Flathead Regulator
Dacor Eagle Regulator

Apollo Bio Filter
Mares V16 Proton Metal Regulator

Scuba Diving and Underwater Camera Equipment

AquaPix Islander
Anti Fog Dessicant Cap
Kodak Max Camera
MX 5II Camera
MX 10 Camera
Sealife DC250
Sealife SL 191
Sealife SL 200C
Sealife SL 515
Sealife SL 951
Sealife SL 959
Sealife SL 960
Sealife Sport Camera
Sealife Wide Angle Lens
Splash N Flash Camera and Housing
Sea & Sea YS-25DX Strobe
Sea & Sea YS-90DX Strobe
Sealife DC310 Digital Camera
ReefMaster DC310 Digital MAXX
SeaLife DC300 3.3 mp Digital Camera
Sea & Sea DX3000G Digital Camera
SeaLife SL580 Reefmaster Camera Max Kit
Sealife Kit
Kodak Sea Processing Envelope
YS20A MX5-II Strobe
Reefmaster SL511 Kit
Reefmaster SL515 Camera
Reefmaster External Strobe
SL951 SeaLife 3X Macro Lens
SeaLife 8 & 16 Macro Lens Kit
Soft Padded Camera Case
MX5 II Kit
Close Up Lens for MX-5 II
Rechargable AA Batteries
Camera Shield Camera and Camera Housing
Packet Moisture Munchers
Charger, Batteries and Adapters
Sealife Reefmaster Flash Diffuser
SeaLife Digital Sun Shade
SeaLife Shark Diver Reloadable Refill
SeaLife Shark Diver Reloadable Camera
SeaLife Shark Diver 35mm Camera

Scuba Books

Pocket Creature Id Book
Pocket Fish Id Book
Creature Id Book
Reef Fish Id Book
Chicken Soup for the Ocean Lovers Soul

Snorkeling Equipment and Snorkeling Packages

Aeris Snorkeling Pack
Tusa Kids Mask Snorkel Combo
Tusa Kids Snorkeling Package
Snorkeling Vest Adult
Aeris Full Foot Velocity Fin
Dry Snorkeling Package
Liberator L-2 Mask and Snorkel
Liberator X-10 Mask and Snorkel
RC 6000 Snorkeling Package
Snorkeling Reef Full Foot Fins
Tusa Reef Tourer Snorkeling Backpack
Split Fin Snorkeling Package
XS Scuba Snorkeling Bag

Scuba Tanks

13 Cubic Foot Pony Bottle
Tank Rack
19 Cubic Foot Pony Bottle
Tank Mesh Protector
6 Cubic Foot Pony Bottle
Tank Valve Cap
Aluminum 80 Tank
Aluminum 50 Tank
Tank Boot
Aluminum 80 Candy Color Tank
Scuba Tank Graphic Cover
Spare Air
Tank Banger
H2Odyssey Extra Air System
Apollo Tank Lock
Tank Carrier


Apollo Snorkel
Avid Snorkel
Mojave Dry Snorkel
Ocean Master Snorkel
Tusa Hyperdry Snorkel
Splash Snorkel
Tusa Platina Hyperdry Snorkel

Diving Boots, Gloves and Hoods

Henderson Pull On Athletic Boot
Henderson Hyperstretch 5mm Hood
Henderson Hyperstretch 5mm Gloves
Tropical Booties
Tusa Hard Soled Booties
Tusa Tall Hard Soled Booties
IST Hooded Vest
IST Pro Ear Hood
NeoSport Sport Hood Beanie
Tilos 1mm Beanie
Tilos 1mm Metal Light Hood

Diving Wetsuits

Henderson 7 Mil Hyperstretch
Henderson Gold Core Shorty
Henderson Hyperstretch Jumpsuit
Henderson Hyperstretch Shorty
Titanium Lined Wetsuit
Titanium Lined Shorty
Womens Wetsuits from Henderson
NeoSport Mens 4/3 Wetsuit
Henderson Lycra Hot Skin
Akona 6.5 Farmer John
Henderson Hyperstretch 5 mil Full
Rash Gaurd Neosport - Henderson
Henderson Hooded Vest
NeoSport Full 3/2 Jumpsuit Mens
NeoSport Shorty Mens
NeoSport 7 mil John and Jacket
Henderson Premium 3mil Neoprene Full Wetsuit
Mares Revolution 1 Mil Suit
NeoSport Womens 4/3 Wetsuit
Henderson Core Warmer Wetsuit

Scuba Fins

Aeris Velocity Full Foot Fins
Aeris Velocity Strap Heel Fins
Apollo Bio Fins
Yellow Apollo Bio Fins
Dacor Tiger Fins
Mares Volo Power Fins
Tusa Liberator Fins
Tusa Snorkeling Fins
Apollo Full Foot Fins
Mares Fin Strap
Dacor Fin Strap
Dacor Panther Fins
Snorkeling Feef Full Foot Fins
Apollo C-Series Fin Strap

Scuba Dive Gauges and Computers

Suunto Vytec, Suunto Cobra, Suunto Vyper, Suunto Mosquito
Aeris Analog Gauge
Pony Bottle Gauge
Tusa SCA-230 Platina Console
Tusa SCA-330 Platina Console
Mares Mission 2 Console
Genesis Resource Computer
Tusa IQ400 Computer
Aeris Atmos Wrist Computer
Computer Lens Protector
Dive Computer Downloader
Iris Download for Mares & Dacor
Genesis Resource Pro Air Computer Console
Aeris Atmos Console
Aeris Atmos 2 Computer
Aeris Atmos AI Computer
Aeris Atmos Pro Console Computer
Aeris 300G Console Computer
Sherwood Wisdom
Aeris Pro Computer
Dacor Darwin Computer
Genesis React Nitrox Computer
Tusa Platina Nitrox Computer
Aeris Atmos 2 Gauge Computer
Aeris Atmos 2 Wrist Computer
Aeris Atmos Console
Aeris Elite Hoseless Computer
Dacor Darwin Wrist Computer
Mares M1 Computer
Genesis React Pro Console
Zeagle Status II Dual Gas
Tusa IQ-700 Wrist Computer
Dacor Darwin Air Computer

Scuba Dive Lights, Dive Light Packages, and Accessories

Akona BCD Pro Kit
Cetecea CRL03 coil lanyard
Cylume Stick
Fathom 4 Pack Light Kit
Trident Laser Pointer
Ikelite PCA Light
Ikelite PC Light
Pelican Nemo 8 Cell Light
Princeton Tec Sea Star Tank Light
Princeton Tec Shockwave II
UK C8 Light
UK C8 Replacement Bulb
UK Light Cannon HID
UK Light Cannon Replacement Bulb
UK Nickel Cadmium Rechargable Pak
UK Pro Light Kit
UK Pro Pack Light Kit
UK Q40 Light
UK SL4 Light
UK SL4 Replacement Bulb
UK SL6 Light
UK SL6 Replacement Bulb
UK Sport Light UKE2AAA
UK Tank Beacon
UK Tribal Pack
UK eLed Module
UK eLed C-Cell Light

Scuba Save-a-Dive Kits and Accessories

Cetacea Deluxe Save-A-Dive Kit
Cetacea First Aid Kit
Cetacea Standard Save-A-Dive Kit
Carbon Monoxide CO Cop Replacement Filter
CO Cop - Carbon Monoxide Tester
EMT Shears
Kids Mouthpiece
O-Ring Kit
O-Ring Lube
Scuba Tool
Sea Cure Mouthpiece
Standard Mouthpiece
Viton O-Rings

Wetsuit, Drysuit, and Diving Accessory Hangers

Accessory Hanger
BC Hanger
Dry Suit Hanger
Hanger Pack

Scuba Keychains

Dive Flag Carabiner Keychain
Princeton Tec Pulsar Keychain
Quick Release Dive Flag Keychain
Metal Shark Keychain
Scuba Tank Keychain

Wetsuit Shampoo, Mask Defog, And Other Scuba Cleaners

McNett Gear Care Pack
8 oz MiraZyme Odor Eliminator
Mirazyme Half Oz Travel Size
Sea Drops Defog
Sea Gold Defog
Wetsuit & Drysuit Shampoo

Miscellaneous Scuba Accessories

3 Ring Zippered Dive Log
Trident Cave Diving Reel - Large
Trident Cave Diving Reel - Small
Cetecea First Aid Kit
Cetecea Dive Flag Dog Collar
Cetecea Dive Flag Dog Leash
Dive Flag Tire Cover
Nitrox Sticker
Hose for Poseidon Odin & Xstream Reg
Poseidon Din Adapter
Regulator 2nd Stage Ball Swivel
Scuba Tool
Sea Sickness Relief Band
Dive Table Tutor Software
Tank Boot
Trident Tank Carrier
Scuba Tank Graphic Cover
Scubatoys Tank Valve Cap
Trident Tank Mesh Protector

Scuba Underwater Spear Guns

5.5 Ft. Travel Sling
Sporasub Aspic Speargun
Deluxe Travel Sling
JBL Gulf Magnum XHD Speargun
JBL Magnum 38 Special Speargun
JBL Sawed-Off Magnum Speargun
Cressi Sub Star Pneumatic Speargun
Sporasub Viper Speargun

Scuba Gear Regulator Packages

Bad Ass Regulator Package
Dacor Eagle Regulator Package
Hell of a Deal Regulator Package
TUSA Package
Mares Rebel Regulator and TUSA SCA230 Package

Personal Scuba Gear and Snorkeling Packages

Aeris Snorkeling Pack
Dry Snorkeling Pack
Pro Pack
Split Fin Pack
X-Pert Zoom Pack

Scuba Diving Masks

Genesis Panview
Liberator X-10
Mares Esa
Mares Opera
Mares Seta
Aeris Max View
Neptune II
Ocean Master Equalizer
Panoramic Purge
Pro Ear Mask
Liberator L-2 Reef Tourer Package
SeaVision Chamelion
SeaVision Ultra
Tilos M580 3 Lens Panoramic
Tusa Platina
Corrective Mask Lenses
Tusa Pano Geo
Tusa Splendive II
Tusa Splendive IV
Tusa Visualator
Mares X-Vision
Seadrops Defog
Dive Optix
Mask Strap
Mares X Vision Lenses
Corona Prescription Lenses

DIR and Technical Equipment

Dive Rite Air Cell Travel Wing
Dive Rite Classic Air Cell Wing
DIR Double Tank Hose Kit
DIR Single Tank Hose Kit
DIR Stage Bottle Hose Kit
Individual Various Length Hoses for DIR Diving
Dive Rite Backplate
Dive Rite Non-Directional Cookie Line Marker
Dive Rite Double Tank Bands
Dive Rite Explorer Reel
Dive Rite Finger Spool
Dive Rite Dry Suit Gaiters
Dive Rite Large Directional Line Arrow
Dive Rite Small Directional Line Arrow
Dive Rite Large Double-Eye Snap Bolt
50 or 100 pound Lift Bag
Dive Rite NiTek Dive Computer
Oxycheq Signature Wing
Oxycheq Standard Wing
Oxycheq Travel Wing
Dive Rite Rec Wing
H-Valve, Pro 200-BAR, Right Hand
Dive Rite Snap Bolt
Dive Rite Stage Strap
Dive Rite Tank Strap
Thermo Dual Manifold with Isolation Valve
Dive Rite Trans Pac Harness T2070
Dive Rite 16 and 32 Trans Weight Pockets
Dive Rite Dive wRites Underwater Notebook
Dive Rite Venture Wing Air Cell

Mens Scuba Diving BCD's

Aeris Atmos Sport
Genesis Recon 75
Dacor Talon
Dacor Talon AT
Mares Air Trim
Mares Morphos
Mares MRS
Mares Dragonfly Aria
Mares Pegasus
Platina Evolution
Sherwood Avid
Tusa Charter BCJ-2900
Tusa Imprex Pro
Zeagle Escape
Aeris Atmos XT
Dacor HUB
Mares Air Lock
Tusa Platina Evolution BCJ 5500
Tusa Imprex Pro BCJ-5900
McNett Gear Care Kit
Zeagle Brigade BCD
OxyCheq 18 lb Travel Wing
OxyCheq O-Pac Harness
OxyCheq Signature Series Single Wing
Zeagle Ranger

Underwater Diving Watches

Luminox Navy Seal
Steel Navy Seal
St. Moritz Momentum
St. Moritz Zero
Storm Chronograph
Stainless Steel Momentum
Momentum Ladies Bubble Gum Color Watch

Womens Scuba Diving BCD's

Genesis Athena
Sherwood Luna
Mares Jubilee
Zeagle Zena
Dacor Elite
Mini B Shallow Water Scuba System
Tusa Platina
Tusa Charter BCJ-2900
Mares Dragonfly Aria
Dacor Xtremelle
McNett Gear Pack

Diving and Snorkeling Bags

Akona Mesh Bag
Dry Bag
Duffel Bag with Dive Flag
Full Mesh carry Bag
Mesh Bag with Scubatoys Logo
Tusa Rolling Backpack
Tusa 2 Way Carry Bag
Akona Reg Bag
Tusa Reef Tourer Snorkeling Backpack
Akona Weight Bag
Tusa RD2 Rolling Duffel Bag
XS Scuba Deluxe Mesh Backpack
XS Scuba Snorkeling Backpack
Stahlsac Panama Mesh Backpack
Stahlsac Islander Travel Duffel
Stahlsac Rotan Reg Bag
Stahlsac Catalina Cargo Pack
Dacor Triangle Backpack
Akona Snorkeling Bag
Aeris Sport Backpack
Aeris Mesh Bag
Aeris Rolling Duffel Bag
Akona Rolling Backpack
Armor Camera / Video or Regulator Bag
Dive Flag Mesh Bag
Dive Flag Regulator Bag
Gator Pac Regulator or Backpack
Gator Pac Regulator Bag
Stahlsac Bonaire Mesh Bag

Scuba Diving T Shirts

Dive USA
Sunset Beach
Mermaid Kiss
Gas Gas Gas
Nitrogen Narcossis
Bottom Time
Frog Flag
Dive Naked
Baddest Frog
Rapture Deep
Gang Way
Food Chain
Dive the Night
Frog Head
Brave Fortune
Instant Diver
Ready to Rock
Dive with Me
Sunken Plane
I Get Tanked
Eel Cave
Tech Dive
Dive for Food
Rescue Diver
Shark Head Scuba Diver
Aye Aye
Ladies Diver Wanted Tank Top
Certified Diver
Jolly Roger
Pirate Booty
Different World
Haven't Lived
Rock The Boat
Ladies Baby Doll T-Shirt
Ladies Scoop Neck T-Shirt
Ladies Cover Up T-Shirt
Ladies Maneater Tank Top

Scuba Diving Dry Suits

Dacor Dry Suit
Tusa HRS
Tusa X-Pert
Whites Nexis Dry Suit
Bare Nex-Gen Mens Dry Suit Package

Swimming Goggles

Corrective Liberator Goggle Lens
Imprex Swim Goggles
Imprex Jr. Swim Goggles
Liberator Swim Goggles
Nino Swim Goggles
Pano Geo Swim Goggles
Sniper Mirrored Goggles
Sniper Swim Goggles
Visio Mirrored Goggles
Visio Swim Goggles

Dive Knives

UK Tribal Pak
Titanium Blue Tang Knife
Trigger Knife
Genesis Sidekick Knife
Titanium Knife
Fusiler Knife
Hydralloy Blue Tang Knife
Scuba Tool
EMT Shears
Remora Knife
TUSA FK 230 Knife
Ocean Master Titanium Knife
Ocean Master Soft Sheath Knife
Titanium Folding Knife

Miscellaneous Scuba Clothing Accessories

Uzzi Dive Towel-Matador
Uzzi Dive Flag Sandals
Uzzi Dive Towel-Shark Bite
Uzzi Dive Towel-Shark Flag
Bearwear Headwrap
Uzzi Dive Flag Jacket
Uzzi Dive Flag Shorts
AOT Pac-a-Parka
Uzzi Mens Board Shorts

Scuba Diving Octos

Spare Air Submersible
Spare Air Deluxe Holster
Dacor Viper Octo
Dacor Eagle Octo
Tusa Duo Air IR3
Sherwood Octo
Mares Axis Octo
Mares Rebel Octo
Tusa SS-10 Octo
33 Inch Octo Hose
5 Foot Octo Hose
7 Foot Octo Hose
9 Foot Octo Hose
Zeagle Sentinel Octo
Zeagle RKO Octo
Genesis Side Kick Octo
Mares Proton Octo
Genesis Slim Octo
Aeris Gyro Octo
H2Odyssey Extra Air System
Aeris Air Link Inflator Octo

Kids Snorkeling Stuff

Aqua Disk
Chico Fins
Kids Mouthpiece
Kids Snorkeling Vest
Tusa Kids Mask and Snorkel Kit
Tilos Maximum Kids Snorkel Kit
Sea Window Calypso Adult Snorkeling Raft
Sea Window Explorer Kids Snorkeling Raft
Sea Window Jellyfish Snorkeling Tube/Raft
Tusa Childrens Pack

Diving Weights

Akona Weight Bag
Hard Weights 5lbs
Hard Weights 4lbs
Hard Weights 3lbs
Hard Weights 2lbs
Sea Pearl Soft Weights 5lbs
Sea Pearl Soft Weights 4lbs
Sea Pearl Soft Weights 3lbs
Sea Pearl Soft Weights 2lbs
Sea Pearl Soft Weights 1lbs
Trident Weight Belt

Scuba Dry Boxes

Otter Box 3500
Otter Box 3000
Otter Box 2500
Otter Box 2000
Otter Box 1000
Cetacea Deluxe Save-A-Dive Kit

Diving Signaling Devices, Tubes, Scuba Dive Alert

Standard Dive Alert
Dive Alert 3 - ScubaPro Air 2
Dive Alert 2 - Zeagle
Hammerhead Standard
Hammerhead U/W Signaling Device
Trident Safety Stop Anchor
Trident Signaling Mirror
Trident Signaling Tube
Storm Whistle
Sub Duck for ScubaPro and Tusa Octo Inflators
Standard Sub Duck Dive Alert
Sub Duck for Zeagle and SeaQuest Octo Inflators
Tank Banger

Diving Compasses

Compass Module
Compass With Boot
Empty Wrist Boot
Quick Release Compass
Retractor Compass on Slate

Scuba Licence Plates

Dive Flag Licence Plate or Frame
Licence Plate Frame - Rather Be Diving

Dive Flags and Scuba Floats

Trident Deluxe Flag Styrofoam Float
Trident Inflate a Flag
Trident See Me Safety Signal Tube

Underwater Scuba Scooters

Apollo Underwater Scooter
Sea Doo Underwater Scooter

Or follow this link for a complete line of Scuba Equipment