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Suunto Dive Computers Do you carry Suunto Computers? Like the Suunto Vytec, Suunto Cobra, Suunto Vyper or Suunto Mosquito?
No... Really there are several reasons why we don't carry the Suunto Dive Computers. One reason is Suunto does not allow internet sales of their products - voids the Suunto warranty. But we also carry products like ScubaPro that don't allow internet sales, and just sell them in our shop. So it's more than just the Suunto Warranty problems.

I have some friends who dive Suunto cobra dive computers, and another with a Suunto mosquito, and both of them complain about how conservative the algorithm is on these units. As an example, the US Navy Dive Tables say you can do a 60 foot dive for 60 minutes. The Padi and Naui tables use 60 for 55 minutes as their limit. Our favorite computers, the Aeris Dive Computers show a 60 ft dive for 57 minutes. But on a Suunto, that is backed down to under 50 minutes. I was recently in Truk Lagoon doing a lot of 100 ft dives - most on 32% Nitrox, and my friends with the same mix were getting limited to 1 or 2 dives less per day using their Suunto computers than those of us with Aeris computers.

Now one can argue that conservative is better, but if I want to be more conservative, it is easy to tell my Aeris to beep when I hit the caution zone - and not push all the way to the no-deco point - but that is a decision I want to make. I don't want the suunto computer telling me it's time to surface while folks who are on dive tables are showing an available bottom time of another 5-20 minutes based on depth!

I also like the way the Aeris programs and the way the display looks. It seems a lot more intuitive in giving me the info I need quickly.

We do carry some computers that run a very conservative profile, like the Dacor Darwin series, or the Tusa IQ-700, but for the ease of use, size of display, the allowable bottom time, and the very important - No Warranty if bought on the net, we decided not to carry the Suunto Dive computers. If your heart is set on a Suunto - I'd say check with your local store so you can maintain the very important warranty on your dive computer... But if looking for some other options, give me a call and I'll talk features and value with you and give you some alternatives.

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