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Genesis React Pro Nitrox Console from Genesis

Genesis React Pro Nitrox Console

This years model of the Genesis React Nitrox Console it is a full function Air/Nitrox Dive Computer with the following upgraded features:

  • 50 Dive log book
  • Automatic water activation
  • Ascent rate indicator
  • PC downloadable, up to 250 dives
  • Backlit Hydroglow Display for Night Diving
  • User Changeable Batteries
  • Time and Date of day
  • Automatic Altitude Adjustable
  • Imperial/Metric (user-setting)
  • Temperature (Surface and Depth)
  • Depth to 330 feet

    The back side of the console comes with a little round slate that can be removed and replaced with a compass for only $30 more - giving you a fully featured - 3 Gauge Nitrox console. Or go for the 3 in Line console with compass for the same upgrade price.

    Genesis React Pro Nitrox Console - Computers: Nitrox


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  • Genesis React Pro Nitrox Console - Computers: Nitrox - Genesis

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