Dive Computers, Nitrox Computers

dive computers, nitrox computers Dive Computers - both air computers, and nitrox computers are as common on divers as fins! A dive computer will calculate your available time at any depth based on your dive times, depths, and surface intervals. With a dive computer, you will get much more bottom time than with tables. And dive computers are very easy to use. Basically, just jump in - and don't let the big number hit zero!

On most Dive Computers, the big number in the middle is the allowable bottom time, but as this number gets low, you simply ascend and your dive computer will re-calculate your allowable time.

A dive computer will also warn you if you are ascending too fast. Some dive computers will water activate, some dive computers also have audible alarms when you are hitting decompression, or ascending too fast.

Below you will find a complete list of dive computers - and by clicking on the links, you can check out the different features.

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