Dive Rite Trans Pac Harness T2070 - BCDS: Women - Dive Rite

Dive Rite Trans Pac Harness T2070 from Dive Rite

Dive Rite Trans Pac Harness T2070

These words perhaps best characterize what sets the TransPac apart from all the imitations. The TransPac was the world's first BC system designed from the ground up to be vastly more capable than BCs designed primarily for single-tank, recreational diving. It is the only BC system designed by and used on almost a daily basis by world-famous underwater explorer Lamar Hires.

The TransPac offers unparalleled comfort, fit and flexibility. No other BC system fits as wide a range of divers. No other BC system transforms as quickly and as easily to accommodate everything from lightweight single cylinders to heavyweight back-mounted doubles with stage and deco bottles. And, if you side mount, there simply is no other choice. TransPac Systems feature an impressive limited lifetime warranty. TransPac comes standard with stainless cam band buckles. Add on Weight Pockets if you need them.

And for all of the true "techies", here is the 8 page TransPac Data Sheet and a warning...it is a 1mg document, so depending on your connection, it may take awhile. Everything you could ever want to know, but were afraid to ask, about this BC.

If you need to talk about putting together a "special package" to meet your needs...diving and pocketbook...give us a call.

Dive Rite Trans Pac Harness T2070 - BCDS: Women


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Dive Rite Trans Pac Harness T2070 - BCDS: Women - Dive Rite

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