OxyCheq 18 lb Travel Wing - DIR and Technical - OxyCheq

OxyCheq 18 lb Travel Wing from OxyCheq

OxyCheq 18 lb Travel Wing

The OxyCheq single tank wings have a reputation for being extremely well balanced and steamlined. The single tank wings are designed for efficient movement in the water. This 18lb is perfect for the traveling diver who wants to minimize size, and doesn't need extra un-used lift.

The expandable centerline gusset lays next to the cylinder to take advantage of slip streaming the cylinder. All of their single wings have a unique baffle that allows gas to flow through the wing without interfering with your center of gravity. They have two pair of grommets that allow you to adjust your trim and large cam strap holes to allow you to use a variety of harness systems.. including the sought after OxyCheq O-Pac

OxyCheq 18 lb Travel Wing - DIR and Technical

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OxyCheq 18 lb Travel Wing - DIR and Technical - OxyCheq

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