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Dive Rite Classic Air Cell Wing from Dive Rite

Dive Rite Classic Air Cell Wing

Classic Wing is diving's first air cell designed specifically for use with double cylinders. They provide up to 59 pounds/27 kg of lift. They are designed for use with medium- to heavyweight doubles (Classic Wings should not be used with single cylinders). These wings can accommodate up to two 104-cubic-foot/16 litre back-mounted cylinders, and one 80-cubic-foot/11 litre stage bottle. A 22-inch/56cm low-pressure inflator hose is standard. Available in Black, Blue and Red.

Classic Wing is popular among many hard-core cave divers, who appreciate its simple, streamlined, time-tested design.

See our Dive Rite Air Cell Style Chart for a great comparison of the wings we carry in stock. Remember, since we are an authorized dealer with Dive Rite, if there is an item that you specifically need that is not on our website give us a call and we can get it ordered for you right away!

If you need to talk about putting together a "special package" to meet your needs...diving and pocketbook...give us a call.

Dive Rite Classic Air Cell Wing - DIR and Technical


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Dive Rite Classic Air Cell Wing - DIR and Technical - Dive Rite

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