YS20A MX5-II Strobe - Cameras - Sea & Sea

YS20A MX5-II Strobe from Sea & Sea

YS20A MX5-II Strobe

Add a strobe to your MX5-II camera for more color and less back scatter. The strobe uses infrared so there are no connections to corrode. Operates on 4 AA batteries, and comes with a block of the internal flash to stop the back scatter caused by the flash being too close to the lens. If you want to improve your shots... this is a great help!

Note: These come in one color only... clear with a little yellow stripe on them. So it doesn't matter if your camera is blue, yellow, etc.

YS20A MX5-II Strobe - Cameras

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YS20A MX5-II Strobe - Cameras - Sea & Sea

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