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Reefmaster SL515 Camera from SeaLife

Reefmaster SL515 Camera

The SeaLife SL515 comes with a rubber coating that adds durability. This is our choice for all our rental cameras due to the strength and dependability of the unit.

For best results, add the 3x Macro Lens, or buy the kit with case, or with macro and case below...

This camera's features include

  • One-step shutter lever
  • Big Sports finder
  • Built-in Underwater Flash
  • Triple element 35mm lens
  • Can add Strobe or Macro lens
  • Foam insert and space for accessories
  • Booklet - "Great Pictures Made Easy"

    Reefmaster SL515 Camera - Cameras

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  • Reefmaster SL515 Camera - Cameras - SeaLife

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