SeaLife SL580 Reefmaster Camera Max Kit - Cameras - SeaLife

SeaLife SL580 Reefmaster Camera Max Kit from SeaLife

SeaLife SL580 Reefmaster Camera Max Kit

  • 2 External Flashes
  • 2 Three-inch Flash Extension Kits
  • Macro 3x Close Up lens and Underwater Filter
  • Airtight, unbreakable Dive Travel Accessory Case
  • Rubber armored underwater housing
  • Optional land use out of rubber armored housing Care kit
  • "Great Pictures Made Easy" booklet

    Sealife's Reefmaster MAXX is a dual strobe system with a complete set of photographic equipment that will help divers achieve their goals.

    Waterproof up to an impressive 164 feet, the Reefmaster RC camera included in the Reefmaster MAXX system compensates for tricky underwater photographic conditions by including an oversized sports viewfinder and shutter-release. It is completely automatic and a special on-camera coral flash combats underwater blue effect. Slide the inner 35mm camera from the housing and users have a versatile compact camera for on-land snapshots.

    SeaLife SL580 Reefmaster Camera Max Kit - Cameras

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  • SeaLife SL580 Reefmaster Camera Max Kit - Cameras - SeaLife

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